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Brother, Can You Spare A Job? (short version)

Published 2003

Following in the footsteps of Max Fleischer, Tex Avery, and Chuck Jones, "Brother, Can You Spare A Job?" is an original, fully-animated look at the underbelly of Bush's economy which juxtaposes a depression-era style with modern-day quotes from Presidential radio addresses.

Run time 1:00
Producer Greg Saunders
Production Company I Will Destroy You / The Talent Show
Audio/Visual sound, B&W


Reviewer: Indianbear - - July 24, 2011
Subject: Wast of time.
A short "proof" that it takes no brains at all to blame someone else for your problems.
Reviewer: Athanatos - - March 30, 2008
Subject: Not Really Much Here
The cartoon is rather mindless. About two-fifths of it is the introductory titles. What remains is a seen of a fellow laid-off, then a scene of him being denied access to the unemployment office. There are signs in the back-ground promoting tax cuts, but no explanation of how-and-why these might be relevant. Then the fellow's wife is shoved aside by a wealthy man leaving a bakery, and the car of the wealthy man splashes mud on the fellow, which proves...uh, well, I suppose that the wealthy are Bad, even though most of them are actually Democrats-and-all-that.

On the other hand, despite all the pirouetting and political correctness, the technical quality of the animation is relatively high. If the makers would stop posturing and actually write, then they might produce some fine work.
Reviewer: HaRDCoRe_CaRTooN_JuNKiE25 - - January 23, 2008
I cant wait for Hilary to win already and get rid of this Bush guy.. but i like this cartoon, it shows that it was inspired by the amazing Max Fleishcer... all around wholesome 'toon!!! =)
Reviewer: hudgeliberal - - September 15, 2006
Subject: NIce and True!
Nice little political statement. The sound wasnt great but the truth of the toon made up for any shortcomings with the sound. I would like to see the longer version. Bush continues to destroy the middle class and the poor. The rich get richer and the poor get nothing. I watched a women tell Bush in a town meeting that she had to work 3 jobs to survive..his response? "That is great..America at work" Great? What an idiot. I think most of America is finally starting to see through the lies and deciet that this administration has practiced for almost 6 years now. Huge national debt,War profiteers,unjust war,outsourcing of jobs,turning down minimum wage hike,bleeding medicare and social security dry,destroying the environment...but hey,he is a christian so lets all vote for a stupid country we have become.
Reviewer: ridetheory - - April 18, 2004
Subject: Not Bad, But Lacks Pep
The animation looks very much like a Fleischer or Harmon-Ising cartoon of the 1930s, but lacks the essential peppy bounce that makes the originals special. The excellent design work and Flash animation are offset by sluggish execution of the gags. For example, a plutocrat exits a bank, gets into his car and drives away, splattering mud on the main character -- but the whole thing happens somewhat slowly, as if underwater. Nice contrast between Bush's words (which emanate from an Art Deco radio) and the "reality" of the cartoon world. Of course, if you support Bush and his policies, that aspect of the cartoon will just drive you crazy. This would make a good short subject to show before a Bush-era remake of "My Man Godfrey".
Reviewer: Jonneh - - February 14, 2004
Subject: Audio Needs work.
This movie was very well animated, however the audio is crap. With a 20 Dollar Mic (Canadian Mind you) I can produce more audible sound in lower KBPS than your audio was presented in.

If I were rate this movie on humor alone, I would probably give it a 1. The animation is definetely a 5/5 though.

Keep up the good animation work, good luck with improving the audio for next time.
Reviewer: cashel - - February 13, 2004
Subject: re the previous review
The reviewer does not give any facts to support his statements. The film states that the economy is in a bad state. The reviewer disagrees but does not support his argument and instead applies a very tired a label to the film maker, aclaim that is unsubstantiated. SUCH REVIEWS WASTE OUR TIME
Reviewer: unseen - - February 13, 2004
Subject: Arogant
What an absolutely arogant attack on the fine President Bush. A must watch just to see how left wing democrats attack the president.
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